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Top 5 Things I Learned at the ICSC Florida Conference

This year’s ICSC Florida Conference had the largest attendance in over a decade with 4,500 professionals, it hasn’t reached this level since prior to the recession.  There were also more exhibitors in the Deal Making hall than ever before.  With the Florida conference as the 3rd largest event that ICSC presents, it’s no surprise there were a few things to learn this year.

  1. With the focus on technology across the world, it’s no surprise that the Real Estate industry is evolving with that. We have even talked about it previously on our blog.  This year there will be 2,000 apps dropped on the real estate industry alone.
  2. The shifting demographics in our country mean that the retail industry is changing to appeal to these different generations with different mindsets. One universal focus we should have is that as companies we are in the business of giving consumers reasons to give us their money.
  3. Opportunity zones are a new product designed by the government that is a place for high net worth investors to only pay 85% of capital gains. This can be a great benefit if you own a property in one of these areas or are looking to invest.
  4. The Florida economy has been slower to grow than the rest of the country following the recession, but all statistics and consumer sentiment indicate that the confidence is back.
  5. Industrial real estate is growing leaps and bounds. As the ecommerce division of retail grows, companies need a place to store the products they are delivering to customers.

This years’ conference was fantastic and such a learning experience to immerse myself in what is going on throughout Florida and the Southeast.  What did you learn at this years’ conference?

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