Leasehold Restructuring & Renewals

RPA has extensive knowledge of lease restructuring and renewals for all aspects of the process. From providing a review and assessment of your documents to assisting with more intricate transactions such as a strategic sale/leaseback, RPA will guide you along the way.

Lease Restructuring and Renewals

RPA has in-depth knowledge of the lease restructuring and renewal process, and the ability to navigate the negotiations of your leasehold options with ease while maintaining your successful tenant/landlord relationship.

Once an assignment is initiated, we quickly become intimately familiar with local market conditions. We then negotiate favorable rental rates for tenants and subtenants on terms that are in keeping with our clients’ corporate guidelines.

Ultimately, RPA’s lease analysis and proactive approach lead to measurable results for our clients.  At RPA we:

  • Provide a comprehensive review and assessment of all related documents
  • Analyze market conditions to determine current rates and terms
  • Assist in assessing how landlords, tenants, equity participants, permanent and short- term lenders value leasehold interests for purposes of structuring opportunistic new lease terms
  • Determine if the current location is appropriate for long-term strategies and, if not, identify and pursue potential relocation opportunities
  • Initiate and facilitate negotiations and documentation with the current landlord and, when possible, identify and assist in blend-and-extend opportunities.
  • Assist in strategic sale/leaseback transactions, identifying key contacts and monitoring all facets of the deal from inception to timely completion

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Case Study – Mid-Atlantic Market

Purchase & Sale/Leaseback | Portfolio Optimization

“The project presented all parties with several challenges – all which needed to be identified, analyzed and resolved…”

Project Highlights & Results

  • The client exercised an option to purchase and aquired an operating store
  • Following the purchase, the client completed a sale/leaseback with an investor identified before acquiring the asset
  • The combined transactions resulted in a value creation in excess of $10 million

The Client

A national retailer maintained a real estate portfolio that included both owned and leased properties located throughout North America. The client successfully operated many stores throughout a major Mid-Atlantic market and was eager to continue its dominant market share. As options to purchase operating stores became available, RPA helped our client maximize the potential value creation.

The Challenge

RPA’s client wanted to purchase an existing store from its current landlord and then initiate a sale/leaseback transaction. The client’s financial team completed its analysis and determined that the asset should be acquired and then sold to a net lease investor.

The project presented the parties involved with several challenges – all of which needed to be identified, analyzed and resolved during the due diligence, entitlement, acquisition and third-party documentation process.

RPA was engaged to assist in identifying the appropriate investor well in advance of the client’s property purchase; negotiate and finalize a new long-term lease that more accurately reflected the client’s current company policy and market standards; advise on multiple aspects of the transaction; and ensure that all deadlines were met.

As a result of the combined purchase and sale transactions, RPA’s client will have saved more than $17 million in cash payments over the term of the lease. This multi-faceted transaction enabled the client to benefit from a value creation in excess of $10 million.

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