Property Owner Representation

As a property owner representative, RPA has the unique position of having been in your shoes as a client. As we work through the process, we keep in mind your overall goals and ensure that each step we take is moving you towards them. We offer strategic counsel and the advantages you need to convert your potential value into delivered value.

Property Owner Representation

Our Property Owner Representation services offer advisement on the positioning of your property as well as assistance when you wish to sell.  The team at RPA has worked with property owners for years and has the expertise to guide you in the right direction.  The services we offer our property owner clients include:

  • Advising on Property Direction – Each property has its own set of attributes. In order to properly position a property for best use, our expert team analyzes those attributes and works with you to determine a course of action for the property that will both maximize your value and complement the surrounding community.
  • Team Assemblage – In addition to offering you our team’s expert counsel, we can recommend additional experts, such as developers, engineers, equity partners, constructions lenders, architects, lawyers and myriad others through our extensive connections. We can evaluate other professionals based on our expertise and knowledge of your project.
  • Repositioning for Alternate Uses – Today we are constantly seeing properties being repositioned for different uses as more exurban areas become developed, urban areas are redeveloped, and markets shift. RPA can review your property and offer advice on alternate uses, even working to split up the property for multiple uses depending on size.
  • Market – Once we as a team have identified the best use for the property, we will then take it to market. Depending on use and the unique properties of the property, our techniques can vary from marketing it through traditional property channels to assembling an offering memorandum and presenting it to key investors.  In addition, we will reach out to the contacts we have identified earlier in the process to determine target tenants.
  • Documentation and Closing – RPA will assist you through the entire documentation process from the initial offer through to the closing or leasing of the property. We are available to answer any questions you may have and always keep your best interest in mind.
  • Alternate Uses – Today we are constantly seeing properties being repositioned for a different use as more rural and suburban areas become developed, markets shift, and dense urban areas are redeveloped to accommodate fast-changing lifestyles and the live/work/shop dynamic.  We review your property and offer advice on alternate uses, even working to divide the property for multiple uses depending on size

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