Tenant Representation

At RPA our advisors work with our clients to ensure they are making the best choice for their business. We look at the overall strategy and your goals for the future. Our team is here to provide comprehensive advisement for real estate portfolios of all sizes. Our team will stay continuously involved from the identification of target areas through to store opening and beyond.

Tenant Representation

The team at RPA is well prepared to work with you on your real estate strategy and when you are seeking new locations to expand your business. Having been in your shoes as the client, our advisors know that you are not just looking for the right property; you holistically are considering your future expansion goals.

Our tenant representation offerings include:

  • Client-Focused Services – In order to provide the highest level of service, we must first learn and understand your business.  We learn what locational characteristics support a successful location for you by analyzing key demographics, understanding your core customer, and visiting existing stores.  Additionally, we verify key site characteristics that should remain consistent across all locations and co-tenancy preferences. We tailor our approach to each client since no two companies are the same.
  • Marketing & Property Research – Once we know your targeted area, RPA finds locations that match your key demographics. We identify the customer profile in the trade area along with their behavioral shopping patterns; identify key sites that meet the characteristics of your stores and any co-tenancy opportunities; and analyze your competition, making comparisons to your physical plans.
  • Documentation – Once we have identified the best property for you, we begin the documentation process in order to secure it. RPA ensures that your lease/sale terms and criteria preferences are met and upheld through this process. We walk alongside you and your team to make certain that you have everything that you need and lend our expertise when needed, remaining a resource for you long after the deal is complete.

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