What We Do

Given today’s ever-changing retail landscape, you need an experienced partner who understands how the sector is evolving and can facilitate your growth strategies.

At Retail Property Advisors, our tenured team of professionals possesses extensive commercial real estate experience, with a particular focus on retail, and has worked with, and for, a number of top-tier clients, including Fortune 20 companies.  Additionally, we can help you navigate the complexities of hybrid and mixed-use projects, including retail, hospitality, and transit-oriented developments, among others.  We are experts in valuations and acquisitions, as well as the development of new store growth programs, and can help you enhance your current and future retail real estate strategies.

As our name suggests, we are primarily advisors, guiding you and your company to the best decisions regarding your retail property portfolios. We listen first and take the time to understand your approach to real estate, as well as your needs.  Then we put our knowledge and relationships to work for you, offering strategic counsel and a detailed roadmap to help you achieve your specific goals.

Contact RPA today to find out how we can work together to add value to your retail real estate portfolio.

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