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Get to know our Team: Mark Miller

Mark Miller is a Vice President over the Western Division for Corporate Property Dispositions.  He has been working in the Commercial Real Estate Industry for 28 years.  We will get a chance to learn more about him through these next 10 questions.

How did you get into Commercial Real Estate?

The parents of a college friend introduced me to the business.

Do you focus on one aspect/industry of Commercial Real Estate?

I focus on retail tenant and owner/developer representation.

Can you tell us a bit more about your experience prior to joining CPD?

I have been involved in real estate finance, development/investment and brokerage for retail, industrial, office and multi-family properties.

Have you worked with any companies that we would recognize through the years?

In one capacity or another I have worked with or for The Home Depot, CarMax, Circuit City, Walmart, Costco, Kohl’s, Pacific Theatres, Ralph’s, Curacao, Applebee’s., etc.

Can you recall any specific experiences in this industry that helped to shape you into the broker you are today?

Learning the business from the perspectives of both a tenant (in-house) and as a developer has been invaluable.

Who was the most influential person or persons to you in your career in Commercial Real Estate?

John Tyson (Revco Drug), Greg Fisher (Wherehouse Entertainment) and Ben Cummings (Circuit City and CarMax).

Do you have any quotes or motto’s that you live by?

“There ain’t no education in the second kick of a mule”

Can you offer any words of wisdom to those just getting into the Commercial Real Estate field?

Your relationships (forming and maintaining them) and high ethical standards are not everything in the business… unless you don’t have them.

Any additional keys to success you would like to share?

Find a mentor(s) and begin forming relationships with people you like and trust early in your career.

Just for fun, what gets you through the day? Coffee, tea, water or something else?

Exercise and taking a personal break(s) during the day to think about other priorities and people in my life.

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