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Get to know our Team: Keith Valentine


Keith Valentine is the Senior Vice President for Corporate Property Dispositions.  He has been working in the Commercial Real Estate Industry for over 30 years.  We will get a chance to learn more about him through these next 10 questions.

How did you get into Commercial Real Estate?

I joined CB Commercial right out of MBA school.

Do you focus on one aspect/industry of Commercial Real Estate?

Retail, mostly.

Can you tell us a bit more about your experience prior to joining CPD?

At CB Commercial worked in Retail Sales, then was Sales Manager, Downtown Office.  Then promoted to Regional Marketing Director followed by Divisional Director, Retail.

At Home Depot I was recruited to set up a national disposition program and hire a team of people to cover properties in 35 states.

Have you worked with any companies that we would recognize through the years?

Home Depot, CB Commercial, Belk, Hobby Lobby, FedEx, Storage Deluxe, Philadelphia Phillies, Best Buy, Target and some smaller sites with Discount Tire and Chick-fil-A among others.

Can you recall any specific experiences in this industry that helped to shape you into the broker you are today?

Working with teammates, at CB I tried to work a deal with each Retail colleague, then one deal a year with an outside specialty.

At Home Depot I enjoyed making all types of transactions in diverse national markets.  One thing I did there and continue here at CPD is leveraging with talented co-brokers on the local level.

Who was the most influential person or persons to you in your career in Commercial Real Estate?

Nelson Brown was a great early mentor to me.  He taught me was to be honest in all things, be loyal to your company.

Do you have any quotes or motto’s that you live by?

Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Can you offer any words of wisdom to those just getting into the Commercial Real Estate field?

Show up, do your best.  Be consistent, work a plan. Leverage your skills with good partners.

Any additional keys to success you would like to share?

It is the client, the client, the client.

Just for fun, what gets you through the day? Coffee, tea, water or something else?


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